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Nepal Hyolmo Social Service Association
Nepal Hyolmo Social Service Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation. It had been established on 16th May 1990 by the initiative of few young and dedicated Hyolmo youths, with the objectives of consolidating the Hyolmo people under an organization, which provides a forum for Hyolmo people to take initiative for the preservation, promotion and enhancement of overall aspects of Hyolmo community such as language, culture, tradition and the last but not least the identity of Hyolmo indigenous people. More... ह्योल्मो सोसाईटी अफ अमेरिकाको नव-निर्वाचित कार्यसमितिमा हार्दिक बधाईका साथ शुभकामना !!!
Hyolmo is one of devout Buddhist and underprivileged indigenous minority that falls culturally into the Tibetan segment and residing in the Himalayan region of northern Nepal as an indigenous community. The geographical situation in the remote mountains, Hyolmo lacks the opportunities for modern facilities such as electricity, health centers, motor roads and education and hence faces a number of disadvantages.More...
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Let's hand together for the preservation, promotion and enhancement of Hyolmo culture and tradition
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